ZF Transmission

ZF Transmission ready for sale at discount prices.  ZF 5 and 6 Speed transmission models in are in stock. A full line of ZF heavy, medium and light duty manual truck transmissions and parts ready for immediate shipment. We also buy closeout and overstock ZF Parts plus we pay very high for return cores.


ZF developed the AS Tronic mid-automatic transmission so that medium truck drivers can take advantage increased safety, economy, and comfort while on the road. Long distance, delivery, or city traffic requires numerous gear changes: reduced fuel consumption and – important in the case of frequent driver changes – simple operation speak in favor of the transmission system. Having 12 gears, the AS Tronic mid ensures that vehicles with a gross weight between 12 and 36 tons make headway.  Smooth gear changes protect the clutch and the downstream drive-line. If drivers want to change gears manually, all they have to do is operate the switch.  Automatic and the manual mode: Incorrect shifting is excluded thanks to the electronic control unit. It is also responsible for extending the clutch service life and reducing fuel consumption. The electro-pneumatically shifted transmission systems of the AS Tronic mid range are available as modular systems with an installation length of 33 and 35.4 inches.

The AS Tronic mid can be equipped with clutch-dependent and drive-dependent PTOs.



Heavy tractors in action – the sight of them and listening to the roar of their engines is enough to give you an idea of their power. Large, ultra-heavy loads are moved from one place to another by using high-torque drives. To make sure that the enormous forces of the electronically controlled diesel engines are transmitted with precision, the TC Tronic automatic transmission system is available with a torque converter clutch. This allows heavy tractors to drive off smoothly.  Wherever extended and frequent maneuvering is required, wherever difficult terrain is found to be the working environment, the TC Tronic transmission delivers precise and perfectly measured movements. The ZF TC Tronic transmission combines the advantages of an automatic transmission with those of a hydrodynamic torque converter clutch. Thanks to the torque converter, starting and maneuvering are wear-free.




The ZF Ecomat 6-speed automatic transmission is the ideal supplement at the driveline end. In comparison to the 5-speed transmission, it has two important advantages: better tractive power and maximum driving speed at lower engine speeds and use of the torque converter. The latest transmission generation does not only contribute to the optimization of driving characteristics and efficiency but also to considerable fuel savings and reduced pollutant emissions.





Note: stock images courtesy of ZF